Why Becoming a Kaptifi Partner/Reseller

With Kaptifi partnership program, resellers will be able to sell Kaptifi Guest WiFi subscription on standard prices while they retain discount percentage. The prices for the endcustomer can be also reconsidered by the partner/reseller who can also offer additional hardware and services (consulting, installation, assistance, etc.).

The parnter/ reseller will not only profit from 1st time subscrition sale but also on all subsequent renewals that thier customers will carry out over the years.

White Label Guest WiFi

With standard subscrition customers of our partners to manage the Wi-Fi guest WiFi service must access the application through a control panel accessible at the address https://app.kaptifi.com, while, with White Label option they can login at your own domain and through your own hosting.

The application accessible to this address can be completely branded, using the partner/reseller control panel, by:

  • By inserting the logo of your company in place of the standard Kaptifi logo
  • Changing the portal access address with an address like: http://www.yourcompany.com/log... (in place of app.kaptifi.com)

After these customizations, the Guest WiFi solution will be totally under your company's name and will appear with your branding to all intents and purposes, as your product, as well as you can offer your conveneint pricing plan.

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